Specialist online clinical rehabilitation, exercise and Pilates for people who have a stoma, had abdominal surgery or stoma reversal

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I’m Sarah Russell, clinical Pilates instructor, exercise specialist and the founder of The Ostomy Studio. I'm also the author of The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit.  I’ve had a stoma since 2010 so I understand what life with an ostomy is like. I know how it feels to be vulnerable after surgery and not sure where to start. 

My mission is to help people recover after stoma surgery, to exercise safely and rebuild strength and confidence, using the power of Pilates based therapeutic exercise. Through this website you can take part in specialist online Pilates classes and videos, which are safe and appropriate for anyone with a stoma.  All from the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home.

Classes are for everyone who has, or has ever had, an ostomy. Whether you had your surgery recently or years ago, this is the place for you. I will help you to restore your  body confidence and core muscle strength, allowing you to get back to normal and to enjoy living life again.

Wherever you are in your stoma journey, you’re in safe hands and I can’t wait for you to join me. Watch the video below to find out more and get a taster of what The Ostomy Studio can offer you.

Sarah x


“There is no-one else that I know of internationally that has Sarah’s knowledge, expertise and experience in stoma, parastomal hernia and exercise”

Professor Gill Hubbard, Head of Research, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of the Highlands and Islands.



  • Join me in a LIVE online class (just as you would attend a class in person). With supervision and feedback from me as I can see you on screen.


  • Log into my 'ON DEMAND' channel where you can access professionally filmed videos. Only purchase the videos you want.

  • Choose the 'Recovery Package' which is a cost effective plan offering you a package of 1:1, group and video sessions. 

You can choose one or all of the above options to suit you.

Classes and videos are for everyone who has, or has ever had, an ostomy. Whether you had your surgery recently or years ago, or whether you're a Pilates expert or complete beginner, there is something here for everyone.











Clinical Pilates is a therapeutic rehabilitation approach to exercise

It helps to restore strength to your core abdominal muscles and lays the foundations for a strong functional body.

Pilates connects your mind and body through specific movements, with focused breathing and graduated progressive exercises.

It’s the perfect exercise method for anyone with a stoma. Clinical Pilates is safe and appropriate, and suitable for everyone.

  • Improve abdominal muscle strength after surgery

  • Regain your confidence and body awareness

  • Reduce your risk of parastomal hernia

  • Retrain normal movement patterns

  • Improve posture and breathing

  • Rebuild whole-body strength, balance

  • Enjoy living life without fear of hernia

  • Feel more confident with every-day tasks such as shopping and lifting

  • Put the foundations in place before going back to formal exercise or sport

  • Become functional, strong and reduce risk of injury


"Helping you to restore your strength and confidence, and get back to living your life"