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The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit

I am the author of The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit, published in 2019. The first ever book to be published about exercise, recovery, movement and bowel cancer. 

In the book, I set out a step-by-step recovery programme wherever you are on your treatment pathway, and share tips and advice for everyone. Whether you’re a regular exerciser wanting to get back to the sports you love or you’re just thinking about getting active for the first time.

Based on current guidelines and my extensive experience working with patients and clinicians, the book will help you rethink your approach to physical activity and learn to exercise in a way that’s not only safe, but nourishing and appropriate. I hope you find it useful and supportive.

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“Really brilliant book. Almost described my symptoms and problems step by step. I’ve found it very reassuring, sound, positive & empowering, helping me get my fitness back on track but more importantly, confirming the positive help to body & mind that exercise can have. A huge, huge help, highly recommended”

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