Professionally filmed classes - Specific Ostomy Clinical Pilates - £5 per video - WATCH ANYTIME

My ON DEMAND videos are professionally filmed classes that you can ‘click and play’ and follow along as if you were in a real class with me.

The classes follow the same ability levels and progressions as live classes. Be sure to check the class descriptions 

Be sure to follow the classes in order (Class 1, then Class 2 then Class 3) within each series.

Videos are held in the ‘ON DEMAND CHANNEL' of the website. This is where you’ll 'sign in' to watch and follow the videos in your own time. 

Only purchase the classes you want.

  • Follow a video at any time – when it fits in with you.

  • Repeat any time you wish

  • 25-35 minutes per class – simple to fit into your busy life

  • Watch on your phone, tablet or computer, or connect your device to your TV with a HDMI cable

  • Professionally filmed with quality audio

  • In the comfort and privacy of your own home

  • Different ability levels – choose the right level for your ability

  • Taught by a highly qualified and trained expert

  • Safe and appropriate for people with a stoma

  • NEW classes being added all the time





3 x 30 minute classes

These super gentle 'post surgery' classes are suitable for to start around 2-3 weeks after your operation. Classes should ideally be done lying on the floor/mat. The whole class is done on your back, side or hands/knees. It's safe and designed to be appropriate for people after major abdominal surgery.


3 x 30 minute classes

Beginner level class series, teaching the foundations of Pilates. Classes are a mix of standing, kneeling and floor/mat work.
For people who are completely new to Pilates and exercise, or those who are recently post-surgery (4-6 weeks or more).


3 x 30 minute classes

This is a progressive beginner level class series, developing and progressing some of the exercises and movements you learned in the Foundations 1 classes. You can start to challenge yourself and incorporate some ‘next level’ exercises, improving core strength and control. Classes are a mix of standing, kneeling and floor/mat work.


3 x 30 minute classes

The Intermediate series is more challenging, developing the exercises you've already learned in Foundations. Introducing exercises such as 'leg pull' (modified plank), side bend and table-top legs. Always respectful of our stoma and abdominal surgery history, but these classes will allow you to make progress and feel more challenged. Mix of standing, 4-point and mat work.