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Why Clinical Pilates?: Our Team

Therapeutic clinical Pilates is the ideal exercise method for anyone with an ostomy. It helps you to recover from surgery, rebalance your body and strengthen your core and abdominal muscles. 

The Pilates method generally is a ‘mind-body’ style of exercise, focused on breathing, core muscle function and stability. It uses small movements to help develop alignment, strength and balance. The focus on breathing calms the nervous system, reducing feelings of stress.

The classes are all about concentration, precision of movement and development of strength. And just helping you feel great.

Clinical Pilates differs slightly from more traditional methods of Pilates. Classical Pilates methods can be too challenging initially and the focus on strong core contractions/bracing may not be appropriate for people with an ostomy.

Clinical Pilates (APPI method) teaches a more progressive, gentle approach, gradually building up each exercise safely. This helps to increase confidence and trust.

Classes are generally on an exercise mat and are slow pace and calm. We aim to work in the body in a range of positions including standing, kneeling, lying on your back/front, hands and knees and side lying. You don’t need much equipment and you will exercise in socks or bare feet.

The clinical Pilates qualification I hold is a high-level post graduate certification, only open to physiotherapists, clinicians or sport scientists. I’m a certified APPI Clinical Pilates Instructor which is recognised as one of the highest qualifications in the industry.

So you know you’re in safe hands.

The exercises I teach in the classes are adapted and appropriate for people with medical and clinical conditions, who may need to progress more slowly or do things differently.

However, this clinical approach can also underpin the progression to some advanced exercises, ideal for athletes or those who want to be challenged. In time, most people can progress safely to enjoy challenging high-level exercises.

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